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Corey and his dog Julep
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Corey grew up in Louisville, Kentucky where he met and married his high school sweetheart, Ashley. He graduated from the University of Louisville and started his career in higher education and the nonprofit world prior to finding his calling in real estate. After an 8 year stint in Nashville where his wife completed her medical training, he moved to the Tri-Cities in 2020. He has worked with a variety of homeowners, but has expertise in working with physician families who are relocating to the state of Tennessee. His passion is to help homeowners make one of the biggest decisions of their lives seamlessly by guiding his clients through the process of buying and selling. Corey’s dog, Julep, has joined his team and will provide an additional service as a therapy dog to improve the lives of Corey’s clients and make a typically stressful situation stress-free. When not working with his clients, Corey enjoys spending time golfing, hiking, training Julep, and cheering on his alma mater.

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“Corey Blaske was absolutely fantastic!  He provided the perfect introduction to the area.  He was very hospitable, knowledgeable, honest, and thoughtful!"
Sarah B.
“ I'm so happy I came across Corey. He's super friendly and actually found the house of my dreams. It's perfect!”
Chris C.

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